Student wellbeing and positive mental health are essential for children to grow into healthy, caring and productive members of their schools, families and communities.

At Golden Grove Primary School we are committed to caring for students and ensuring that they develop positive relationships and friendships, are engaged and excited by their learning and have a sense of belonging to their school community.

At Golden Grove Primary School our priorities in the area of Student Wellbeing include:

  • Working in partnership with families and the wider school community
  • Developing student voice and leadership opportunities
  • Valuing students as active participants in their own learning and wellbeing
  • Supporting students who are experiencing difficulties with relationships or learning
  • Creating a school culture which values students as individuals
  • Fostering students’ resilience and growth mindset
  • Providing play opportunities to develop students’ social and emotional development
  • Promoting respectful, safe and positive behaviour


Our Wellbeing Team consists of Gerry Templeton (Student Wellbeing Leader), Emma McCarthy (Pastoral Care Worker) and Karina Damare (Defence Support Mentor).

Working together with families and the community positions us to support student wellbeing most effectively. Your perspectives, thoughts and feedback are always welcome and we encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss any area of wellbeing.

Our Student Wellbeing Leader, Gerry Templeton, is available to meet with parents and caregivers. You can get in touch with Gerry by phoning the Front Office or by emailing her directly at