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We currently have 26 classes across the school. Some of our classes are composite (made of up more than 1 year level) and teachers modify the curriculum to cater for individual students. All students participate in lessons with specialist teachers in Japanese, Design and Technology and The Arts (Music or Expressive Arts) . All other curriculum areas are studied with class teachers and the assistance of SSOs and other specialist staff, who work together collaboratively to support students' learning.


The Leadership Team 2017



Wendy Moore


Assistant Principals

Norma Howson

Becky Jones

Teresa Grandison


School Finance Officer

Karla Groot Obbink


School Administration Officer

Barb Rankin


Specialist Staff

Performing Arts


Physical Education

Design and Technology

Resource Centre Teachers


Our School Services Officers and Classroom Teachers work in a collaborative team to support the Early, Primary and Middle Years students.

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by Dr. Radut.