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At Golden Grove Primary School, we aim to report to parents regularly and comprehensively to ensure they are well informed about the progress, achievements and learning needs of their child. In accordance with the Federal Government Guidelines, written reports are sent home to parents twice each year. These reports detail the achievements of students academically and also indicate the level of effort demonstrated in each area. This is shown in a scale beginning with Excellent Achievement (A) through to Minimal Achievement (E). These grades reflect how each student is achieving in relation to the curriculum outcomes for their year level.    Our process throughout the year consists of:  

  • Meet the Teacher Evening at the beginning of term 1
  • Parent / Teacher / Student discussions at the end of term 1 or beginning of term 2
  • Written Student Achievement Reports at the end of term 2 and term 4
  • Student work samples are sent home throughout the year

Apart from these formal processes, we encourage parents to talk with staff anytime about concerns they may have about their child's schooling. Teachers will also invite parents to meet with them when they see a need.

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