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School Grounds

At Golden Grove Primary School, we are proud of our buildings, grounds and the environment we learn in. Our buildings are all air conditioned and our grounds are tendered by a Groundsperson, ensuring facilities are all well maintained. The campus is on multiple levels, ensuring space is used effectively. Students have a number of open spaces available for active play at recess and lunch, as well as areas for quiet activities. A playspace specifically for Early Years students has been developed in recent years. This space allows students in Reception-Year 2 to play in an enclosed area with balls, sand equipment, music for dancing and other equipment targeted at their developmental level. The oval and playground areas are on a lower level and provide opportunities for all students to engage in activity.

A multipurpose hall is located adjacent the hard play area of the school and is utilised by all classes and for specific programs. Whole school assemblies are held in the hall, which also offers a basketball court setup.



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