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At Golden Grove Primary School, learning is at the centre of all that we do. We use a wide range of technologies to support and enhance our learning programs. To live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, we believe that students must be able to use technology effectively, creatively and critically. To support this belief, we have made a commitment to providing and cyclically updating our ICT infrastructure. Currently, we support a network of over 160 computers with each class having access to at least 2 in the classroom, as well as 2 computer suites and another 20 in the Resource Centre.

To enable us to continue enhancing our learning programs through the use of ICT, we have installed interactive whiteboards in all classroom areas. All teachers are participating in ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure this tool becomes an embedded part of classroom practice. The new interactive whiteboards will complement those already installed in our Resource Centre and Japanese room.
Other peripherals available to students and teachers include digital still and video cameras. Video and audio editing facilities are also available for the editing and production of sounds and movies. A wide range of software is also accessible across the network ensuring all learning areas provide maximum opportunities for students in ICT.

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