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General Curriculum Info


At Golden Grove Primary School, our curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum as required by DECS. This is strongly supported by a number of other programs and strategies that we employ across levels of schooling and the whole school. These include:
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills in all students
  • Teaching students social and thinking skills through programs such as "Program Achieve" and Art Costa's "Habits of Mind".
  • Providing leadership opportunities for students in the Middle Years by encouraging them to apply for roles such as school captains, big buddies and traffic monitors.
  • Other students can also participate in Student Council and presenting at assembly.
  • Explicitly teaching our school values to all students and maintaining their whole school focus through assemblies and newsletters.
  • Continuous assessment and reporting with student/parent/teacher discussions and student learning records.
  • Special instruction in swimming, aquatics and dance sport.
  • Carefully chosen extra curricula activities such as visiting performers, school camps, aquatic and swimming programs.
  • Provision of quality out of school hours care and vacation care programs.
We recognise that students in certain age cohorts have specific learning needs. Our teachers work together in levels of schooling which allows them to cater specifically for students in this way. These levels of schooling are grouped in the following way :
  • Early Years (Reception & year 2)
  • Primary Years (Year 3 & Year 5)
  • Middle School (Year 6 & Year 7)

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