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Middle School


At Golden Grove Primary School, we have a well established program for students who are entering the Middle School (year 6 & 7). The goals of the Middle School program are to :
  • Provide a balanced and challenging curriculum for the changing needs of upper primary students
  • Motivate students to become active, independent learners
  • Provide opportunities for specialised learning in some curriculum areas thereby enhancing student satisfaction and attitude to learning
  • Develop personal management skills in each student
  • Promote a smoother transition to secondary education
  • Regularly communicate student learning and achievements to parents
We strongly believe that working as a Middle School team enables us to establish a learning environment which more fully meets the needs of all students. This is achieved by utilising all teachers' individual skills in predominantly team teaching situations, as well as providing flexible curriculum and teaching approaches. The structure of the Middle School program allows us to provide high quality teaching in all areas.

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