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The library supports students in their learning and teachers in their teaching through   innovative teaching and learning programs and quality up-to date resources and information. These support students in becoming information literate information users, discriminating readers with a love of reading, and lifelong learners skilled in using print and digital resources.

Teacher librarians work collaboratively with teachers to plan and teach research skills and digital literacy through classroom directed Guided Inquiry units.

Teacher librarians lead a variety of literature based learning programs at individual, group, class and whole school level. These include

  • 1:1 reader guidance
  • STAR readers program for students developing confidence in reading
  • extension programs for willing and able readers 
  • regular book chats in class library sessions
  • he Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • whole school celebrations including, National Simultaneous Storytime and Australian Children’s Book Week.

The library aims to provide a welcoming environment for students and their families. It is open before school, and for a games and activities program at lunchtime each day.

The library collection includes a wide range of print and digital resources. In addition the library maintains a 24/7 virtual presence through the library wiki. This can be accessed from this site under the Links tab. It includes access to the online library catalogue (CPAC), information about how to use the library, information to support students in researching and referencing, and curated links to websites to support the curriculum.




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