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Junior Primary

Kids with Puzzle

Teachers of Junior Primary students at Golden Grove Primary School value the use of specific teaching methodology for students in the Early Years (Reception - Year 2). With this in mind, the curriculum is based on a "hands on" approach that enables students to be involved actively in their learning.
Junior Primary classes are committed to teaching Literacy and Numeracy each day, allowing students continuity in learning. Literacy lessons are devoted to explicit teaching of skills with these skills being integrated into all curriculum areas throughout the day. Numeracy lessons are based on enriched tasks that are relevant to real life learning. Students are encouraged to work through Numeracy tasks using materials and often together with other students.
All Junior Primary students engage in a daily fitness program where classes work together in practising skills and active games. Students in this age cohort are involved in regular opportunities for Active Learning (play based learning) which supports much research into how Early Years students learn. The focus is on providing a solid foundation in all curriculum areas.

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